1. 2nd Winner of NMW Skin Care Blogger Competition, Nov
  2. Winner of KUDO First Gathering Blogger Competition, October
  3. 4th Winner of Money Brunch with Janus Financial, October
  4. Winner of KreditGogo blog competition, August
  5. Winner of Instagram Contest Hendra Hidayat Clinic Centre, June
  6. Finalist of Selfie Story on Emak Gaoel Blog with Smartfren, May — book launched soon!
  7. Winner of CNI Blog Contest (Fun Blogging), April
  8. 2nd Winner of Julia Jewelry Blog Contest on Kompasiana, March
  9. 1st Winner of Job Review Competition with Bilna Indonesia, March
  10. Winner of Bebek Kaleyo Review Competition, March
  11. Winner of Live Blog Competition at Ngopi with Warung Blogger, February


  1. 2nd Winner of Campaign Blog Competition, December


  1. Sunday Sharing 13 at Detik.com HQ as digital advertiser (February 2015)
  2. Sharing session as Represent of Advertising alumnus at Bina Sarana Informatika Sarasehan (2015)
  3. Sharing session at Perpustakaan Daerah DKI Jakarta about Optimize your social media to communicate (2015)
  4. Sharing session at #NgeblogAsik Sanggar Akar about Optimize Your Social Media For Blogger (2015)
  5. Sharing session at #BlogHolicBDG about Social Media Branding For Blogger (2016)